Stone Wall Panels

Ultra Stone Wall Panels

Our Stone Wall Panels are made of a flexible veneer laminated to a fiberglass and polyester resin substrate, made of a thin layer of real stone, slate or quartzite.
This Product can be used as wall panels for your home and business. This innovative product can be applied over concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, MDF, HPL, cabinetry and many other surfaces.

Stone Wal Panels

Just Imagine installing our Stone wall panels over your wall porcelain tile in the bathroom without having to remove your existing tine.

Just Imagine how quickly you add the back splash of your  choice to your Kitchen

Natural Stone Veneer has been tested as a covering veneer in many different environments, proving to be an excellent material when a real stone finish is desired, but heavy solid stone might not be practical. ULTRASTONE is suitable for both, indoors and outdoors.


Stone Wall Panels can be used Indoors and outdoors, walls, furniture, kitchen or closet cabinets, doors, ceilings, limited weight applications in boats, airplanes, cars, elevators, round columns, lobbies, and any place your imagination can think.


Application of ULTRASTONE can be performed using basic tools, traditionally used to install tiles and other veneers.


Cutting straight lines and curves is best done using a metal shear, wet saw, or table saw with carbide or diamond blade. Also can use long nosed tin snips.


ULTRASTONE can be sealed with the same sealers used for stone.

It is best to pre-seal ULTRASTONE sheets prior to the installation. This protects and seals the face from adhesives and grout during application and handling.


Use the proper adhesive following the manufacturer’s instructions according to the substrate to be applied. Example: Acrylic copolymer ,Polyurethane wood glues, PU construction grade adhesives, Highly modified thin-set , Epoxy, Construction grade multi-purpose adhesive, latex modified thin set.


Since ULTRASTONE is a product of nature, color and texture variances are inherent to each particular stone and part of the natural beauty of quarried materials. ULTRASTONE can’t be guaranteed to match dye-lot to dye-lot. We present 12 colors out of a great range of more than 22 available. For larger projects we can supply with a time frame a matching lot from same quarrying to facilitate the installation.

Available Sizes

 Sheets of 2×4 ‘

 Sheets of 4×8 ‘ MAXI (selected colors)

 Translucent sheets of 2×4 ‘ LUX (selected colors)


Precautions should be taken when working with ULTRASTONE, please check our recommendations.

ULTRASTONE are made of Natural stone which varies in color, tones, markings and texture due to its geological composition. Samples can only give a reflection or idea of the formation, veins and texture. Any variations must be accepted as inherent features of all natural stones.

Our Stone Wall panels ar a great choice for decorative wall paneling.