Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Why is laminate flooring a good choice?

Laminate flooring can imitate the colors of real wood species, natural stones, and ceramics. Other than woods and stones, laminate can also mimic unexpected materials like aged metals and precast cement.


Laminate floor has been in demand for over 15 years and continues to be sought after by many. It is easy to install, affordable and easy to clean. And don’t forget that laminate flooring can be installed in any room in the house including bathrooms and kitchens.

Here are the things  to consider when choosing laminate:

Texture. Laminate can look like real wood or even tile. For a more realistic wood appearance, the surface can be hand-scraped, distressed, and covered with authentic-looking knots and wormholes.

Finish. Laminate is prefinished and available in glossy or matte coatings.

Shape. Laminate comes in strips or planks that mimic wood, or squares that look like tile. They can be laid in nearly any pattern, such as herringbone or subway.

Tough Enough? Laminate can withstand water, but don’t leave puddles standing for hours after the kids’ bath or it might seep into the seams.

How to Clean. Laminate is low maintenance. Sweep or vacuum regularly keep to free of dirt and sand which can scratch the surface over time. Watch for any spaces or separation where water could penetrate.

Underlayment. Laminate needs a base layer beneath it to serve as a moisture barrier and muffle sound.

Laminate boards come in different widths, so you can create the look you want for your room – whether it’s modern, traditional, or any style in between.

  • Planks (3″) – adds contemporary styling
  • Wide plank (5″ and up)
  • Random widths (3″, 5″, and 7″) – captures rustic trends
  • Random lengths – creates a rich, custom look


Laminate Flooring

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